A duplicate of the Madaba Map, located in the Old Roman Cardo of Jerusalem (taken by Brian LePort on 06/22/2015).

A duplicate of the Madaba Map, located in the Old Roman Cardo of Jerusalem (taken by Brian LePort on 06/22/2015).


Welcome to my collection of online resources for philosophical, religious, theological, and biblical studies.

This page is perpetually under development, so feel free to browse available resources while recommending new ones. (Email: brianleport@gmail.com.)

- An Ethical Thirst
- AncientGreekPhilosopher.com
- Blog of the APA
- Daily Nous
- History of Philosophy without any gaps
- Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy
- Leiter Reports
- New Apps
- Open Culture: Philosophy
- Oxford Education Blog: Theory of Knowledge
- philosophy bites
- Philosophy Education Guide
- Philosophy, Etc.
- Philosophy Impact
- Philosophy Now
- Philosophy Talk
- Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
- The Book of Life
- The Philosopher's Magazine Online
- The School of Life
- The School of Life: Philosophy
- Thou Shalt Not Commit Logical Fallacies
- Wi-Phi 
- Wilson Quarterly

- Biblical Archaeology
- Google Street View: Petra
- Menorah Coin Project

The Ancient World
- Ancient Origins
Ancient Rome Live
Digital LOEB Classical Library
- Emperors of Rome (podcast)
Lexundria: A Digital Library of Antiquity
Poetry in Translation
Theoi Greek Mythology 

Early Judaism
- Ancient Jew Review
- eMishnah
Early Jewish Writings
- From Israelite to Jew (podcast)
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library 
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls
- The Orion Center for the Study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and Associated Literature
- Online Critical Pseudepigrapha 
Enoch Seminar Online
Second Temple Judaism: Resources
Virtual Reconstruction of the Second Temple's Temple Mount

Early Christianity
Early Christian Writings
The Five Gospels 
Early Christianity Timeline
- NT Gateway
Dictionary of Deities and Demons in the Bible

40 Maps of Ancient Rome
Ancient World Mapping Center
Bible Places
Maps of Ancient Israel
- Pelagios Interactive Map of Ancient Rome
- Pleiades
Pompeii Bibliography and Mapping Project
- Terra Biblica

Relevant Academic Societies

- Cult of Pedagogy 
- Education Podcast Network
- Edutopia 
- Teach Thought
- Mindshift

Religious Studies
- Bulletin for the Study of Religions
- Center for the Study of Law and Religion
- Center for Spiritual Resources
- Get Religion
- The Imminent Frame
- Interfaith Voices
On Being
- Patheos Library of World Religions and Faith Traditions
Pew Forum: Religion 
- The Pluralism Project
Religion Dispatches
- Religious Education Association
- Religion for Breakfast
Religious Literacy Project 
- The Religious Studies Project
Research on Religion 
- Syndicate Theology
- Tanenbaum
- The Wabash Center

Online Bibles, Qur'an, & Other Sacred Texts
- Bible Arc
- Bible Gateway
- Bible Hub
- Biblia
- SacredTexts.com
- Noble Qur'an (Online)

Biblical Studies Websites/Blogs
Bible Odyssey (from SBL)
- Biblical Literacy Project
Biblical Studies Online
Biblical Studies Journals
The Bible and Interpretation
Complete List of Biblioblogs 
Review of Biblical Literature

Biblical Hebrew
- BHS Online
- Tools for Studying the Hebrew Bible
- Basics of Biblical Hebrew (iTunes)
- Elementary Hebrew  (iTunes)
- Hebrew Verb Patterns

Biblical Aramaic
- Introduction to Aramaic (YouTube)  
Targums Online 
- NTCS: Targumic Texts
- The Aramaic NT

Ancient Greek
- NA28 Online 
- SBL GNT Online 
- LXX Online 
- NETS LXX (translation)
- Audio GNT 
- GNTReader.com
- Greek Word Study Tool
- Elementary Greek (iTunes) 
- Smyth Grammar

Textual Criticism
- VHMML: Resources for Manuscript Studies
- The Center for the Study of New Testament Manuscripts (Webpage)
NT Virtual Manuscript Room 
Reference Charts for NT Criticism 
New Testament Textual Commentary
- Codex Sinaiticus
The Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library
The Digital Dead Sea Scrolls 

- All Things Considered
- Education Podcast Network
- Fresh Air
- Hidden Brain
History of Philosophy without any gaps
Interfaith Radio
- Morning Edition
- MRB Radio
- New Books in Biblical Studies
- On Being
- On Point
- On Script
- philosophy bites
- Philosophy Talk
- Radiolab
- Research on Religion
- Thinking Religion
- The Bible for Normal People
- The Religious Studies Project Podcast
- To the Best of Our Knowledge